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Hylé for Identity Providers

Hylé does not specify what an "account" is, or even what identity particularly means. This gives it unprecedented flexibility in handling identity, including: - EOAs like Ethereum native wallets - Smart accounts of any kind - Regular web2 identity - Passports & other national identity documents.


You are entering TODO area, none of this is currently implemented.

Hylé handles identity relying on the caller contract in a multicall.

When a user crafts a transaction, their first call should be a proof-of-identity, for example a call to the native /eth smart contract, which validates Ethereum-like EOA signatures.

Any subsequent call will see that the user is indeed the owner of an /eth address, e.g. 0xfoobar/eth and will be able to use that address name trustlessly.

Registering your own stateless identity provider

A stateless identity provider such as the Ethereum EOA smart contract has two components: - A smart contract registered on Hylé, authenticating proofs - A client-side library that can craft proofs

See the Ethereum EOA smart contract for an example of such a provider.

Adding support for your smart wallet

Registering a stateful, private identity provider

This can be used by games, SSO providers, or any other use-case that needs to handle user identity in a more traditional way.