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CLI Installation instructions

The simplest way to interact with Hylé is using hyled, the cosmos-SDK powered CLI.

Clone the Hylé repository and install it.

Mac, Linux, Windows with WSL

You will need to have installed make and go, v1.20 and above, on your system.

Here are the commands:

git clone
cd hyle
make build # or make install

You can then get a list of commands with hyled help.

Creating an account

Hylé currently still requires Cosmos SDK accounts to sign transactions. You can create one with the following command:

hyled keys add name-of-the-key
hyled keys show name-of-the-key # To see the actual cosmos SDK address

Running a devnet


make init # This resets the blockchain data
./hyled start

Your node should start from block 0. Note that it persists data in a folder named hyled-data in the current working directory by default.